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Mid Summer Burlesque Explosion

Mid Summer Burlesque Explosion #yyjevents #yyj by KeithSonic

Mid Summer Burlesque Explosion Saturday August 3rd

Hosted by J McLaughlin

Starring April O’Peel

with performances by

Jett MaJique, Dollipop, Suicide Stacey, Delilah D’Lish, Lay D. Lushious, Ella Love, Florence Fatale, Punky Screwster…and more

Sunday August 4th 12pm 
Comedy and Burlesque: Finding Your Funny Boner (lecture, 1 hr) 
Burlesque’s literal definition is to make fun of! Learn to find or hone your funny boner as as we break down the how to of creating a funny burletta and finding your comedic style. This class examines why we laugh in order to discover our own comedic style. Using principles from sketch comedy as well as others relative to Burlettas, we learn to say yes to being silly in order to explore a different kind of power onstage.