Honus Honus

Honus is the lead singer of the band Man Man. When I saw that he was doing a solo album I was kind of bummed out, only because that would mean Man Man wasn’t working on a new album or going to tour again for a bit. Tickets went on sale for Islands at the Biltmore Cabaret and it was announced that Honus would be the opening act. We bought tickets months ago only $15 each.

Doors 7pm show at 8pm. We thought since we travelled from the Island to see the show we better get there early to get a good spot(up front). Standing outside waiting to get in we got to meet Honus. He seemed as happy as we were. I asked if we could get a photo with him and asked if he could hold our hands.

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The show was well worth the money and travel. The band did an amazing set. They played a songs from the¬†Mister Heavenly¬†album as well as a bunch from the upcoming album “Use your Delusion”. I love the new songs and am no longer bummed about Man Man. Honus just keep recording and touring, people are listening.

“She don’t have no time for heavy Jesus in her life, the only religion she has known is Rock N Roll”

Honus Honus – Official “Heavy Jesus” Music Video

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Director: Honus Honus
Producer: D’arby Rose Harlow-James
Producer: Danielle N. Kramer
Director of Photography: Ruben Contreras
Editor: Kevin Riggin
Color: Brennan Barsel
Gaffer: Jon Corum
Special Makeup FX: Lawrence Mercado
Projectionist/Transpo: Alex Jacobs
Set Assistance: Arion James, Caprice Castano, and Philip Young

Honus Honus
Yuumi Suzui
Jon Daly as “Chill Jesus”

As the Heavy Metal Dudes: Robert Rexx, Cyrus Gharemani, Tomoki Suzui, Kasey Clark, PJ Franco, and Steven Birdsong

and Carlos Martins as “The Flipper”