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Shirley Gnome with Florence Fatale and Ryan Bangma

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Shirley Gnome Florence Fatale and Ryan Bangma


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4th annual Monster Bash


Corky and Derwin

HEAR YE HEAR YE! Sunday, September 22, 2013 shall herald the glorious Premiere of Season Two of “Derwin Blanshard’s Extremely Classy Sunday Evening Programme” at the Victoria Event Centre at 8 pm.

 Derwin and Corky

After a sold-out & star-studded first season, this live taping of the world-famous fictional television talk show has become Victoria’s hottest ticket. Last season enjoyed celebrities such as Mike Delamont, Jacob Richmond, and CBC’s Bob McDonald; musicians Carolyn Mark, & Hank N Lily; as well as political guests Mayors Dean Fortin and Nils Jensen, MLAs Lana Popham, Nicholas Simons, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Andrew Weaver.

The Derwin Blanshard Show (for short) is a reimagined post-modern take on the classic 1950’s variety/talk TV show. Derwin Blanshard, (played by Wes Borg), is an eccentric British old-money millionaire blowhard, and the show walks a fine line between intellectual elegance and broad comedy, while being filmed with imaginary cameras for a fictional global television network.

Season Two promises to be bigger and even more subversively absurd and spectacular than ever, as the cast and crew attempt to not kill each other as they try to satisfy the network executives and keep the show at #1 in Italy and Australia (at least) all the while keeping Corky (recently returned from rehab) under control and watching as Derwin adds to his never ending list of ex-wives.


This month “Season 2 – Episode 1” features restaurateur and actor Howie Siegel, Derwin’s hated ex-wife actress Amanda Lisman, and special musical guest Tal Bachman who will perform his 1999 global #1 hit song “She’s So High”.


Tickets are $20 ($18 for the overdressed). Doors at 7:30, show at 8 pm at the Victoria Event Centre – 1415 Broad Street.


We would be happy to provide print quality photos as well as broadcast quality HD video and audio. We would also love any interview requests with Wes Borg, Derwin Blanshard (Wes in character) or anyone else involved in the show (except Tal Bachman). There is additional material at http://www.derwinblanshard.com/.

Mid Summer Burlesque Explosion

Mid Summer Burlesque Explosion #yyjevents #yyj by KeithSonic

Mid Summer Burlesque Explosion Saturday August 3rd

Hosted by J McLaughlin

Starring April O’Peel

with performances by

Jett MaJique, Dollipop, Suicide Stacey, Delilah D’Lish, Lay D. Lushious, Ella Love, Florence Fatale, Punky Screwster…and more

Sunday August 4th 12pm 
Comedy and Burlesque: Finding Your Funny Boner (lecture, 1 hr) 
Burlesque’s literal definition is to make fun of! Learn to find or hone your funny boner as as we break down the how to of creating a funny burletta and finding your comedic style. This class examines why we laugh in order to discover our own comedic style. Using principles from sketch comedy as well as others relative to Burlettas, we learn to say yes to being silly in order to explore a different kind of power onstage.

Rhythm and Brews

Rhythm and brews

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Rhythm and brews

Prime Rib 

a Rock & Roll trio consisting of Adam Shilton aka Rib on Vocals/Bass, Ron Bell on Guitar/Organ and Damon Bell aka Deebs on Drums/Vocals.

Kyle Truelove 

This 25 year old Victoria BC resident has been hard at work making music for just over a decade, He plays sweet west coast indie-folk in his own modern roots way, he’s style has been quoted in a review as “poetry in rad slow motion”, and his performances can surly back that up.

Aleris Medea

Aleris started performing in October and has been making waves in the Victoria music scene. Recently crowned the Showdown all music champion.

Doors at 8pm show at 9pm Tickets available at the door or in advance online.

Diversion 6

Tomorrow night Wednesday June 12th Diversion returns to the Victoria Event Centre


Hosted by Tasha Diamant of the Human Body Project
Performances by The Ukubellas, Betty Barracuda, Maxine Fisher, Bill Nance, Sonja Burrows, Sean Proudlove and Bruce Gammie. A short film by Chris Gabel and this months artist is photographer Bruce Gammie.

This video was shot on Feb. 13, 2013, at Diversion 2, a variety show at the Victoria Event Centre.

Shirley Gnome in Victoria

Diversion 3 Photo by Keithsonic

Diversion 3 Photo by Keithsonic

Shirley Gnome returns to Victoria next Monday to headline her own show. She will also be a guest on the Derwin Blanshard Show

You can get tickets in person at Rockabillys Clothing 1802 Cook Street or online http://shirleygnome.eventbrite.ca


Still undecided check out her youtube channel.