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the Tuesdays

the Tuesdays by KeithSonic
the Tuesdays, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

The Tuesdays playing the VEC

Jerrica at the roundhouse.

Teaser from shoot with Jerrica

Laser cat eyes

Laser cat eyes. by KeithSonic
Laser cat eyes., a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Oh go Godzilla!

Before the MonsterBash in the green room Richard Gauthier gets ready.

Corky and Derwin

HEAR YE HEAR YE! Sunday, September 22, 2013 shall herald the glorious Premiere of Season Two of “Derwin Blanshard’s Extremely Classy Sunday Evening Programme” at the Victoria Event Centre at 8 pm.

 Derwin and Corky

After a sold-out & star-studded first season, this live taping of the world-famous fictional television talk show has become Victoria’s hottest ticket. Last season enjoyed celebrities such as Mike Delamont, Jacob Richmond, and CBC’s Bob McDonald; musicians Carolyn Mark, & Hank N Lily; as well as political guests Mayors Dean Fortin and Nils Jensen, MLAs Lana Popham, Nicholas Simons, and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Andrew Weaver.

The Derwin Blanshard Show (for short) is a reimagined post-modern take on the classic 1950’s variety/talk TV show. Derwin Blanshard, (played by Wes Borg), is an eccentric British old-money millionaire blowhard, and the show walks a fine line between intellectual elegance and broad comedy, while being filmed with imaginary cameras for a fictional global television network.

Season Two promises to be bigger and even more subversively absurd and spectacular than ever, as the cast and crew attempt to not kill each other as they try to satisfy the network executives and keep the show at #1 in Italy and Australia (at least) all the while keeping Corky (recently returned from rehab) under control and watching as Derwin adds to his never ending list of ex-wives.


This month “Season 2 – Episode 1” features restaurateur and actor Howie Siegel, Derwin’s hated ex-wife actress Amanda Lisman, and special musical guest Tal Bachman who will perform his 1999 global #1 hit song “She’s So High”.


Tickets are $20 ($18 for the overdressed). Doors at 7:30, show at 8 pm at the Victoria Event Centre – 1415 Broad Street.


We would be happy to provide print quality photos as well as broadcast quality HD video and audio. We would also love any interview requests with Wes Borg, Derwin Blanshard (Wes in character) or anyone else involved in the show (except Tal Bachman). There is additional material at http://www.derwinblanshard.com/.

Blue moon

Blue moon. by KeithSonic
Blue moon., a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Took a photo of the blue moon.

David Bruce at Phillips Comedy Night

David BruceHeadlining Phillips Comedy September 8th


Penny D


Rockabilly’s Rumble

#rockabillysrumble by KeithSonic
#rockabillysrumble, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Betty Barracuda

Betty Barracuda will be performing at Diversion 6 tomorrow. www.diversion6.eventbrite.ca by KeithSonic
Betty Barracuda a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Tonight at Diversion 6 the amazing Betty Barracuda will be there!

Shirley Gnome in Victoria

Diversion 3 Photo by Keithsonic

Diversion 3 Photo by Keithsonic

Shirley Gnome returns to Victoria next Monday to headline her own show. She will also be a guest on the Derwin Blanshard Show

You can get tickets in person at Rockabillys Clothing 1802 Cook Street or online http://shirleygnome.eventbrite.ca


Still undecided check out her youtube channel.

Leader of the Slutwalk

Leader of the Slutwalk by KeithSonic
Leader of the Slutwalk, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.
The SlutWalk initially encouraged women to dress in everyday clothing, in order to portray an image of the average women, although many dressed as “sluts” instead. The SlutWalk is a movement designed to help combat rape culture, stop victim blaming, and create a society which encourages sexual empowerment and an attitude of disgust toward those who do not respect boundaries.

Slut Walk Victoria

Slut Walk Victoria by KeithSonic
Slut Walk Victoria, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

I went and did the Slutwalk today I wasn’t there to take photos but happened to get a few on my phone. When I got home I logged onto facebook noticed a photo posted by I heart Downtown Victoria. I started reading the comments and really realized how ignorant (I want to say stupid) people are. Here are a few of the comments.

Brenda Writes  “Well it helps if these girls from what 15 and up dress very slutty in my opinion( but I blame it in the designers they make the clothes so friggin small so therefore these girls think its hot and sexy and they get the attention they are looking for until one or two idiots try to act on it( because its the girls who are putting themselves on display) then there are huge problems because she’s advertising yes look at me aren’t I hot, the guy goes for the invite then the girl calls rape!!!!!Help the world out gals and ladies watch what ur wearing( DON’T ADVERTISE AND NOTHING EILL HAPPEN)!!!!! JMHO”

Harry – “Well how else am I supposed to have sex if they say no?”

Brendan thought this was funny “Looking more like “skid” walk than slut walk”


The comments go on and on.

Victim blaming exists.

There is no excuse for rape. Period.



The Victoria SlutWalk is part of a Global movement which began in Toronto, Ontario. The first SlutWalk began out of a response to police constable Michael Sanguinetti, who while giving a lecture on Crime Prevention at York University’s Osgoode Hall stated: “I know I’m not supposed to say this, but women should avoid dressing like Sluts in order not to be Victimized.”

Punky and Cherry

Punky and Cherry by KeithSonic
Punky and Cherry, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

My Parents

My Parents by KeithSonic
My Parents, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Dizdog doing her thing.

Dizdog doing her thing. by KeithSonic
Dizdog doing her thing., a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Mark clowning around

Mark clowning around by KeithSonic
Mark clowning around, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Rebel Valentine

Rebel Valentine by KeithSonic
Rebel Valentine, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Rebel Valentine at Lucky Bar in Victoria BC

Bill times three

Bill times three by KeithSonic
Bill times three, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Bill Nance behind the Victoria Event Centre

Paul behind the bar

Paul behind the bar by KeithSonic
Paul behind the bar, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Paul at the VEC behind the bar this photo was rendered im “HDR”


foosball by KeithSonic
foosball, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Stefan and Leah playing Foosball

Yoga Breathing

yoga by KeithSonic
yoga, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

Paul showing us his yoga breathing technique.

the rocky beach

the rocky beach by KeithSonic
the rocky beach, a photo by KeithSonic on Flickr.

went to the beach with Leah yesterday.

Sunday drivers